House of spiders

House of spiders Mareste imaginea.

My empty house, my soul is full of spiders,
No way to go for covering my empty day,
No will to overfill the ash of my reminders,
To see the thread of grass or bright my stay,
Come here my hope, don`t let my soul away !

Don`t punish me for my mistake and for my sin,
I am a suffering daughter in her blindly body`s falling,
Reveal me your will, as I know my God could clean
My mud and wounds for come to life after collapsing,
Only by Your help and love, My Lord, I`m over passing !

As now I`m the chaff, don`t throw me in that fire burning,
I`ll try to change myself and understand your warning,
And my last breath for your wisdom advice is praying.
However, disappointed and comfortless, my days I`m counting,
Light and peace, Your ever love - are all that I`m wanting.

What to do, my God, for You to give alms to my heart?
As a helpless, I pray for my salvation and soul`s good part,
To straighten my steps and fight against bad devil art.
As I am in a dusty room within an old inn`s malicious chart,
Wipe up my tears, Lord! I`m overwhelmed by my hungry heart.

Florentina Laic

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Florentina Laic Florentina Laic

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Publica din 21 Noiembrie 2009

26 Noiembrie 2010

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