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florin.oltean75 08.02.2012 19:48:13

Cugetari din Dharma
Cand constiinta vizuala (analizorul vizual - segmentul central) percepe forme frumoase este activata atractia;
cand percepe forme neplacute este activata respingerea.

In cazul fiintelor obisnuite, cand constiinta vizuala percepe forme neutre este activata ignoranta.

Pentru cei care nu sunt antrenati in Dharma, generarea constiintei vizuale da nastere multor amagiri astfel ca, indirect, cauzeaza multe distractii conceptuale.

florin.oltean75 08.02.2012 20:40:50

In general, motivatia care precede o actiune virtuoasa precum si dedicarea energiei pozitive rezultate, reprezinta un aspect foarte important al practicii spirituale pentru ca determina in mare parte efectul actiunii.

florin.oltean75 08.02.2012 21:58:01

We have many wishes, but in the background always lurks a principal wish:
to achieve a high status, to achieve welfare, to get healthy, to get worldly knowledge, to entertain in some ways, to win a battle, to be saved by God and get immortality...our self is always the principal object of cherishing.

The principal wish of a Bodhisattva is to accomplish the happiness and welfare of all sentient beings, and in recognition of this supremely altruistic motivation a Bodhisattva is called a 'Great Being'.

The principal object of cherishing for Bodhisattvas is not their selves but always other beings.

florin.oltean75 08.02.2012 22:47:44

Nothing develops through its own power.

florin.oltean75 09.02.2012 20:18:25

"Demonul Mortii" - desemneaza o moarte comuna, necontrolata, impura.

Moartea comuna este o intrerupere grava, cu consecinte negative incalculabile asupra progresului spiritual. De aceea este denumita "demon" si trebuie evitata prin efort spiritual sustinut.

Daca ne pierdem bogatiile gasim cai, solutii sa le inlocuim, dar nu este nicio metoda prin care sa ne recuperam suflul de viata odata ce moartea ni-l rapeste.

In fata mortii toate bogatiile noastre sunt complet nefolositoare.

Daca nu ne curatim sufletele si nu ne controlam pe deplin mintea, trupul si vorbirea, nu putem fi siguri ca vom ajunge dupa moarte in taramuri paradisiace.

In schimb, putem foarte bine sa plonjam in taramuri intunecate sau infernale in care orice forma de practica spirituala este imposibil de exercitat si de unde se scapa foarte greu.

florin.oltean75 10.02.2012 21:00:55

O dezbatere intre doua filosofii

Nimic dupa moarte:

'For those who dissipated their energy,
death is like a fleeting dream,
filled with bubbles of steadily fading memories,
and then ...nothing."
You see, you don't need to look for dissolution too hard.
or for the void...
we all get there, if we just sit on our asses.


This 'nothingness' after death is a superficial assumption without performing a profound investigation of the nature of phenomena.

It lacks the rational of subtle observations and opens a dangerous path for the mind that trust in it.

Nothingness prior to birth cannot give rise to a 'self', because it is basically nothingness.

Self after death is seen only by a "direct perceiver"*, not by ordinary, blind minds.

There are not discontinuities in the flow of phenomena. The wise sees this truth.


You say
'death is like a fleeting dream, filled with bubbles of steadily fading memories, and then nothing...'

That 'nothingness of mind perception' is just an instant of the sinusoid of the whole process, in the next moment, the very subtle mind is pushed by the powerful karmic momentum into the next dream.

Phenomena could be gross, subtle and very subtle.

Gross phenomena is driven by the subtle one - this is not very difficult to observe.

But subtle phenomena is driven by the very subtle one. This truth can be realized only by a "direct perceiver".

'Self' is a very subtle phenomena.

'Self' drives the events, but the sleeping one doesn't know this.

In every instant 'self' experiences realities, but its perception is upsided down, mesmerized, and strongly believes that the experienced realities prevail in the mind continuum.

So, 'self' is weak being chained by its own inverted perceptions.

'Nothingness' after death is considered by scriptures a 'wrong view'** because obstructs the rise of pure virtues and consequently the spiritual attainments.


So, it keeps the being in darkness and confusion about good and wrong.

This view erodes the framework of morality, like water under a building, because in this paradigm the consciousness feels a false freedom, feels that can avoid negative consequences following the negative deeds.

Morality becomes an empty shell without the core of rationality of cause and effect.

"The nothingness" after death is a blessing for killers, for thieves, for liars, for lazy ones...Looks like an invitation for suiciders when they encounter torments and tribulations in this life. And many are deceived by this 'mara' and plunge with wide eyes shut in the infinitude of lower realms.

Lack of profound morality steals the perfume of warm affection, steals the Buddha Form.


*Direct perceiver

The definition of direct perceiver is a perception that realizes a subtle object directly, in dependence upon its uncommon dominant condition, with a concentration that is a union of tranquil abiding and superior seeing.

**Wrong View

A wrong view is a mind that observes any object
that it is important to realize in order to attain liberation or enlightenment, such as karma or emptiness, and denies its existence.

It has been explained that we engage in the non-virtuous mental action of holding a wrong view by repeatedly considering how such an important object does not exist, and we complete the action by coming to a firm decision that the object does not exist,
grasping our denial with conviction.

If we hold a wrong view we cannot meditate on correct paths or practise pure Dharma.

Even though we may not actually have wrong views,
if we still carry within our mind the potentialities for them,
these potentialities will obstruct our spiritual practice.

For example, if someone explains clearly and logically about rebirth
but we cannot develop conviction, our difficulty is created by our potentialities for wrong view.

These are obstacles to generating faith and they hinder our understanding of the instructions and advice we receive.

The main cause of wrong views is ignorance, the cause of all delusions.

In Treatise of Four Hundred Verses Aryadeva says:

Just as the body sense power pervades the entire body,
So ignorance pervades all delusions.

Our body sense power functions wherever we experience bodily sensations.

In a similar way, ignorance is present wherever there are delusions.

It has been explained that, in general, ignorance or unknowing is very extensive, but that the main ignorance is self-grasping.

florin.oltean75 14.02.2012 23:07:05

To follow the "worldly (human) destiny" mixing the mind with the eight worldly concerns is nothing but a trap, attractively packed for the childish ones.

Compositional actions will finally rip these souls apart.

Use the worldly actions to exercise the supreme.

This is the narrow path to the unsurpassed glory.

florin.oltean75 15.02.2012 22:10:57

In Secret of the Superior Tathagatas Sutra, Buddha says:

If a tree is cut at its root, all its branches, leaves, and twigs dry up.
In the same way, if the view of the transitory collection is pacified by wisdom,
all the delusions and secondary delusions are pacified.

The aggregates of beings changes every moment.

They are in a perpetual change.

That's why are called "transitory collection".

The view or conception about them depends upon the profundity of wisdom.

florin.oltean75 15.02.2012 22:36:58

Inherently existent self,
independent self,
truly existent self,
substantially existent self,
self existing from its own side,
objectively existing self,
naturally existing self, and
self existing by way of its own nature

are all synonyms.

None of them exists, and they are all the negated object of subtle selflessness.

We grasp at such a self all the time, even when asleep.

All living beings, even tiny ants, have this mind continuously.

However, without relying upon qualified instructions it is impossible to recognize this mind, or to identify its conceived object correctly.

Daniel_7 15.02.2012 22:39:32

Suntem in Romania si pe un forum ortodox....

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