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Pai am mai zis linkul acela (cu acel acord) e de pe siteul care se zice ca ar apartine de BO Antiohiana necalcedoniana.
Nu am auzit pana acum ca BO calcedoniana din Damasc sa fi concelebrat vreo casatorie cu BO antiohiana necalcedoniana sau vreun botez.
De ce nu se gaseste acel acord si pe siteul institului de teologie de la Balamand?
Mai apoi Sfantul Ioan Damaschinul a scris sub inspiratia Duhului Sfant Dogmatica care e o carte clar crestin-ortodoxa,deci si calcedoniana.
Si Institul de teologie de la Balamand poarta numele Sfantului Ioan Damaschinul.
Si pe siteul acelui institut se afla Dogmatica Sfantului Ioan Damaschinul pe engleza unde Sever si ceilalti monofiziti sunt pomeniti ca eretici.
"And therefore we hold that there has been a union of two perfect natures, one divine and one human; not with disorder or confusion, or intermixture(6), or commingling, as is said by the God-accursed Dioscorus and by Eutyches(7) and Severus, and all that impious company: and not in a personal or relative manner, or as a matter of dignity or agreement in will, or equality in honour, or identity in name, or good pleasure,as Nestorius, hated of God, (o mica nota in versiunea in romana e tradus Nestorie uratorul de Dumnezeu ;probabil aci e o greaseala de de scriere in loc de Nestorius, hater of God s-a strecurat Nestorius, hated of God ceea ce nu e o formulare corecta pe engleza) said, and Diodorus and Theodorus of Mopsuestia, and their diabolical tribe: but by synthesis; that is, in subsistence, without change or confusion or alteration or difference or separation, and we confess that in two perfect natures there is but one subsistence of the Son of God incarnate(8); holding that there is one and the same subsistence belong-ing to His divinity and His humanity, and granting that the two natures are preserved in Him after the union, but we do not hold that each is separate and by itself, but that they are united to each other in one compound subsistence. For we look upon the union as essential, that is, as true and not imaginary. "

Pe urma seful WCC nu e patriarhul BO Antiohiene necalcedoniene ci e patriarhul BO Ortodoxe (adica calcedoniene) a Albaniei.

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