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abaaaabbbb63, ia mai citeste inca o data cu atentie:

Sa intelegam ca pe vremuri stiinta nu prea oferea explicatii convingatoare si ca doar mai nou, incepand cu Teoria M, ca la ea se refera Hawking cand afirma ca ofera "o explicatie mult mai convingatoare", stiinta a inceput sa-i "convinga" pe atei ? Pai ateii astia nu aveau nevoie de explicatii stiintifice ca sa-l nege pe Dumnezeu.

Te cam chinuie talentul pe tine. Nu prea intelegi tu mare lucru, dar pentru tine conteaza mai mult participarea la discutie.
Pai si eu ce-am zis?

Superstring theory (sometimes just called string theory) has the premise that the four fundamental forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetism, and strong and weak nuclear forces), as well as all matter are simply different manifestations of a single essence. This essence, the material making up all energy and matter, is thought to consist of tiny (a hundred billion billion times smaller than the nucleus of an atom) vibrating strings that exist in a multi-dimensional (10 or 26 dimensions) hyperspace. The extra dimensions (beyond the ones we recognize: three spatial dimensions and time) are thought to be compactified, or curled up, into tiny pockets inside observable space. The particular vibrations of the strings within this multidimensional hyperspace are thought to correspond to particles that form the basis of everything - all matter and energy - in existence.

Ce ai combinat tu mai sus sunt Teoria Multiversului, a Big Bangului, una din teoriile stringurilor si un pic de religiositate. Nimic din Teoria M.

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