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Exista si sarcini false, nu stiu daca pot 'pacali' si un test de sarcina.

As described above, some miscarriages occur before women recognize that they are pregnant. About 15% of fertilized eggs are lost before the egg even has a chance to implant (embed itself) in the wall of the uterus. A woman would not generally identify this type of miscarriage. Another 15% of conceptions are lost before eight weeks' gestation. Once fetal heart function is detected in a given pregnancy, the chance of miscarriage is less than 5%.

In alte parti se vorbeste de procente chiar mai mari.

To the Editor: In an editorial in the July 28 issue, Little1 reviews previous estimates of total pregnancy loss of 60 to 78 percent. He uses the newly released study of Wilcox et al.2 to conclude that about 52 percent of fertilizations result in loss before the 28th week of gestation and that "all but 6 percent of this 52 percent occurs before an abortion is recognized clinically." The derivation of these figures is unclear.

Desi ortodoxia respecta viata inca din prima zi (de la fecundatie), e imposibil de spus cu certitudine cand 'apare' sufletul copilului..
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