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Vechi 19.08.2011, 13:06:39
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Implicit Budism - decodificarea realitatii

Asa cum este prezentata de catre Nagarjuna - schema cea mai generala prin care se ajunge la eliberare:

Mai intai intelegerea adevarului nominal, din care poate fi patruns adevarul ultim.

Doar cand adevarul ultim este inteles, poate fi realizat adevarul conventional si perceputa realitatea asa cum este de fapt, nedistorsionata de filtrul paradigmelor.

adevar nominal - adevar ultim - adevar conventional ... si realizata unitatea naturala.

sau poetic exprimat:

"In imbratisarea Mamei,
L-am realizat pe Tatal".

mai jos explicatiile:

Those who are outside the path of Master Nagarjuna
Have no means of peace.

They depart from the truths of convention and thatness,
And, because they depart from them, cannot attain liberation.

Nominal truths are the method,
And ultimate truth arises from the method.

Those who do not know how these two are distinguished
Will enter mistaken paths due to wrong conceptions.

If we have a sincere desire to attain liberation from suffering we should follow only the system of Nagarjuna.

If we do not, we shall have no means of attaining the permanent peace of liberation.

Why is this?

To attain liberation we must realize the two truths - conventional truth and ultimate truth - and these are established only in Nagarjuna's system.

Those who follow systems other than Nagarjuna's cannot establish the two truths, and so they cannot attain liberation.

To realize ultimate truth we must first realize nominal truths.

Thus it is said that nominal truths are the method and ultimate truth arises from the method.

Those who do not know how to distinguish nominal truths from ultimate truth will develop wrong conceptions that will lead them into mistaken paths.

Nominal truths are the objects we know simply by using their names without the need for analysis, such as our self, our body, and other things that we use in our everyday life.

For example, we can readily understand a man reading a book.

We do not need to engage in analysis to understand a man, a book, or the act of reading; the terms themselves are sufficient.

Nominal truths are the bases for understand¬ing ultimate truth.

If nominal truths were non-existent or inherently existent, there would be no basis for ultimate truth.

Since we cannot realize ultimate truth without correctly realizing nominal truths, Buddha explained that nominal truths are the method for realizing ultimate truth.

Saying that nominal truths are the method for realizing ultimate truth is not the same as saying that conventional truths are the method for realizing ultimate truth.

We can fully realize conventional truths only after we have realized ultimate truth; therefore conventional truths cannot be the method for realizing ultimate truth.

In Song of the Practice of the View of Emptiness Changkya Rolpai Dorje says:

In the lap of the mother
I found the father.

In this context 'mother' means ultimate truth, emptiness, and 'father' means conventional truth.

Changkya Rolpai Dorje is saying that he realized conventional truth from his understanding of ultimate truth.
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