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Vechi 26.07.2011, 14:47:02
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Religia: Ortodox
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Implicit 2083 Declaratia Europeana de Independenta

Iata aici manifestul individului care a savarsit masacrul acela din Norvegia:

Textul este in engleza, insa am incredere ca majoritatea vorbim aceasta limba.

Separat de faptele acestuia, de fapt ideile sunt "imprumutate" din diverse surse, iar valoarea lor de adevar nu este denaturata de actiunile celui care le-a compilat.

Analizati obiectiv, de exemplu, acest text despre demografia societatii occidentale care s-a saturat sa faca copii:

In Europe today, for example, how many children different people have, and under what circumstances, correlates strongly with their beliefs on a wide range of political and cultural attitudes.
For instance, do you distrust the army? Then, according to polling data assembled by demographers Ronny Lesthaeghe and Johan Surkyn, you are less likely to be married and have kids-or ever to get married and have kids-than those who say they have no objection to the military. Or again, do you find soft drugs, homosexuality, and euthanasia acceptable? Do you seldom, if ever, attend church? For whatever reason, people answering affirmatively to such questions are far more likely to live alone, or in childless, cohabitating unions, than those who answer negatively.

The great difference in fertility rates between secular individualists and religious or cultural conservatives augurs a vast, demographically driven change in modern societies.
Consider the demographics of France, for example. Among French women born in the early 1960s, less than a third have three or more children. But this distinct minority of French women (most of them presumably practicing Catholics and Muslims) produced more than 50 percent of all children born to their generation, in large measure because so many of their contemporaries had one child or none at all.

Many childless, middle-aged people may regret the life choices that are leading to the extinction of their family lines, and yet they have no sons or daughters with whom to share their newfound wisdom. The plurality of citizens who have only one child may be able to invest lavishly in that child's education, but a single child will only replace one parent, not both. Meanwhile, the descendants of parents who have three or more children will be hugely overrepresented in subsequent generations, and so will the values and ideas that led their parents to have large families.

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