Termeni si conditii

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions from 2019-03-07

1. General terms and conditions

The present document, containing the terms and conditions of use of this site www.crestinortodox.ro (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") determines the conditions in which any person may visit or access the website www.crestinortodox.ro or may use any services offered through the Site.

Short definitions:

  • "Site" will further on be refered to as www.crestinortodox.ro
  • "Site Administrator" will further on be refered to as Active Soft S.R.L. situated in Pierre de Coubertin BLV, Office Building, 3rd floor, section 1, sector 2, Bucharest;
  • "Service" refers to any of the services offered by means of the site and its modules or facilities;
  • "User" refers to any person that visits the site, registers on the site or wants to utilize it in any way.

Not accepting these terms and conditions or any of its paragraphs as they are mentioned in this document, will oblige the User to stop accessing the site; continuing to access or visit the site, any page included in the site or utilizing the Service, as of any component of the above mentioned signifies a complete an unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and of any of its paragraphs.

By registering the site the User completely and unconditionally agrees to all the stipulatrions included in the present Terms and Conditions and understands to use the Site accordingly. The Users that have created an account on the Site must understand and accept that if they continue to use the Site’s content, access or visit the Site and its component or utilize the Service and any of its components, they automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions and any of its stipulations, completely and unconditionally; Disregarding the Terms and Conditions mentioned above will oblige the User to immediately stop accessing the Site.

2. Copyrights

The content and graphics included in this Site, including but not limited to the entire content in test format and any other material that is sent to the Users(through information published on the Site, through newsletters or through any other material connected directly or indirectly to the Site) are property of the Site’s Administrator and partners and it represents the content of the Site. By derogating from the previous stipulation, materials that are not property of the Site Administrator or its partners include those materials for which the Site has indicated that the rights are attributed to another owner, to another holder or to any other source and also the User's comments and opinions upon any materials posted on the Site or upon the content of the Site.

In the case that the content of the Site, regardless of its type or position on the Site, is being taken over by the Site’s Administrator from other producers/ issuers of content or of materials such as text formats, images, graphics, video, but not limiting to these, the taking over must be done under the specific laws and regulations reagarding these cases.

The Users understand and accept that the Site’s Administrator is absolved from any liability regarding the materials, data and information, but not limiting to these, that are taken over from any official source, including those that have been published as ”press releases”. The Users understand and accept that all the information, data and materials that are posted on the Site have an informative and indicative character and that the Site Administrator cannot be held liable for the veracity and validity of the Site’s content or for any juridical effect derivied from its use, under no circumstances.

The User must respect the intellectual property and any other property rights that Site Administrator and its partners have over the Site, its content, the Service, any module or componente of these or in connection with their utilization. The Users understand and accept that if they do not comply with the above mentioned regulations they can be held liable for breaking the rules by the authors/owners of the Site’s Content.

The Site’s Content , regardless of the its type or location on the Site, can only be used exclusively for personal purposes, which are defined according to the present document as being purely non-commercial purposes that have no direct or indirect intention regarding the gaining of profits. The use of the content by third parties for any other purposes can be made only with a priorly express written permission of the Site Administrator.

It is strictly forbidden to copy, to take over, to reproduce, to publish, to transfer, to sell, to distibute totally or partially, integrally or by pieces the content of this Site or any of it parts in purposes that are not personal.; the Site Admnistrator has the right to take to court any person or entity that breaks in any way the regulations mentioned above.

Requests for use of the Site’s content that regards other purposes then the personal ones can be sent to the following address: Active Soft S.R.L., Bd. Pierre de Coubertin, Office Building, et. 3, sectiunea 1, sector 2, Bucuresti with mentioning:”For the team crestinortodox.ro” or through any other procedure indicated in the Contact page of the Site.

Any person that sends by any means the information or materials to the Site must assume the obligation to by no mean bring any prejudice to the intellectual property over with a third party could claim regarding the materials and information posted by any means on the Site, and also the persons that send by any means information and materials to the Site, must understand and accept that if breaking this rule, they are to be held liable for doing so and they cannot by no means make the Site Administrator be liable instead.

The Users that send by any means information or materials to the Site, automatically must agree to exclusively cede the rights to the Site Administrator so that he can use, adapt, modify or re-send the content, for an unlimited period and on all grounds. The Site Administrator cannot be held liable for the possible prejudices brought to the content that has ben posted on the Site by other persons, regardless of the Site’s section, the service or facility in which the content can be found.

It is strictly forbbiden to post on the Site any content, including materials, comments, images, videos, but not limiting to these, that contain an obscen or vulgar language, illegal, threatening, abusive, indecent text, rasial, jingo messages or that could segregate in some way other persons or thet could break other human rights or human freedom according to the present legislation.

All religions and points of view are respected by the sponsors of the site. To accomplish the purpose of the site, which is to enable a community of persons having a commonality of interests to interact, a decision has been made not to post messages which could be deemed to be offensive or critical to the community . This decision is not intended to suppress freedom of expression, which we fully believe in, but there are other places for contrary opinions to be promoted.

The Users must understand and accept that in case of breaking by any means , regardless of the magnitude, the regulations from the present Terms and Conditions, the Site Administrator can choose to discretionary suspend, totally or partially, the access of the User to all Services of the Site or the right of the User to pubilsh content on the Site or prohibit the User’s access to some or all of the facilities offered by the Site, or erase the User’s account without any prior notifications.

Users must understand and accept that the Site is offering them just a platform for communication and that they are the only ones responsibles for any materials, data or information that they post on the Site, regardless of their type or location on the Site(for example: blogs, avatars, comments etc., but not limiting to these) and also that hey are to be held liable for any juridical or commercial effects that might derive frim these.

The Site Administrator offers the Users the possibility to create their own avatars on the Site as long as they respect the following rules:

  • a) Users must upload their own pictures for their personal page and choose the one thei desire to have as an avatar;
  • b) Users choose an avatar from the pictures made available by the Site Administrator;
  • c) If the Users do not choose any picture by themselves, a picture for the avatar will automatically be alocated to them. The Users could evantually chage the avatar with the ones made available by the Site Administrator or with any other avatar from the galery – avatars made available for the Site.

The Users understand and accept that the avatar is allocated to them after an aleatory criteria with the help of a certain computer program, with sole purpose: to exemplify. Photos for the avatar can be chosen from the gallery – avatars that can be used according to the present legislation. The Site Administrator has no intention to make any sort of suggestions that there is a link between the comments or opinions of the Users and their avatar and has no liability for the phostos that Users choose to post on the Site or for any other juridical effects that can derive form their use.

3. Informing note regarding the protection of personal data:

According to law no. 677/2001 for the protection of the individual regarding the processing of presonal data and the free use of this data, modified and completed, and according to law no. 506/204 regarding the processing of presonal data and the protection of private life in the domain of electronic communications, the site’s Administrator will manage in safe conditions and only for the announced purpose the personal data of Users. We inform you that the personal data the Users provide to the Site’ s Administrator are being processed only for the purpose of offering the Service in it’s best conditions. The users understand and agree that the personal data they provide are being processed only for the purpose that the site Administrator can offer to the users internet services, advertising services, marketing and commercials, statistics, and/or for the hand-out of goods and services, in it’s best conditions.

Each User, at his own will, provides some of his personal data so that it can be able to create a valid accountand to benefit of the Service offered by the Site’s administrator.

In the moment of creating an account each User has the posibility of choosing wether to receive or not informations about the products, services, events offered by the Site by marking of the adequate box in the page of „Make an account”.

According to law no. 677/2001, each user has the right to access and to change his data , the right of not being subdued to an individual decision and the right to resort to justice.

At the same time, the user has the right to be against the managing of his personal data and to demand the erase of this data. The Users undrestand and agree theat the erase of their data means the erasing their personal account as well and the imposibily of accesing the Service provided by the Site’s Administrator.

To make use of this rights, each User can make an written demand, wich they cand send by post to Site’s Administrator addresse: Active soft SRL, Street Piere de Coubertin, no. 3-5, Office Building, third floor, section 1, sector 2, Bucharest or by e-mail at: info@crestinortodox.ro .

The Site’s Administrator is a registred operator of personal data in the Managing Ppersonal data operators registry, with the no. 6413, 6384, 6383.

4. The connection with other websites.

The Users understand and accept that the site may contain connections or links to other websites, including personal sites (blogs), the websites of suppliers of products and services, trough the banners posted on the site, without limiting itself to this. This links and banners are considered useful by the Site’s Administrator but are not under it’s control or guidance.

The Site’s Administrator is absolved from any liability regarding the content or opinions expressed on the sites mentioned earlier or for the correctness and accuracy of those opinions and information, and the Users understand that these sites are not in any way controlled or monitored by the Site’s Administrator.

The add in of a connection or a link to other websites does not imply the approval of the site’s Administrator. When a user choses to access these websites, he accepts that he does it on hi own risk, knowing that the navigation in these websites is subdued to the rules set by their administrators.

If you want to delete your account from CrestinOrtodox.ro will be permanently removed all profiles associated with this account, such as profile forum, community, etc. You'll also be unable to reuse your username or e-mail associated deleted account.
Finally, The Site Administrator decide if removes all your forum posts, articles published, comments, etc.
To delete your account from CrestinOrtodox.ro, send a request to info@crestinortodox.ro to the email address associated with your account.

5. AntiSpam Policy

Confidentiality of private data

Site Administrator will not disclose, sell or rent personal information of users, unless the request is made by a court, under the law. All information collected is used only to facilitate communication with the user.

How can you stop receiving email from us?

Each email sent contains an unsubscribe link, which is an automatic way to stop receiving messages from us. Each request to unsubscribe is processed immediately.

Our Commitment

crestinortodox.ro is against sending spam.

The definition of spam (as Mail Abuse Prevention System)

An electronic message is "spam" IF:

  • 1) the recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients; AND
  • 2) the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission for it to be sent; AND
  • 3) the transmission and reception of the message appears to the recipient to give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.

Also, any spam message cosideram illicit and illegal.

For any complaint please contact us at: postmaster@crestinortodox.ro

6. The limitation of responsability

The Site’s Administrator does not take upon himself and does not grant for the content of the site in any way or for the content provided by the Users. The Site’s administrator will make any possible effort to ensure the acuracy and the trust in the Site and will try to revise the errors and gaps as soon as possible.

The Site’s Administrator does not offer any guarantee or responsibility for the Site’s content and is absolved from any liability for any loss or prejudice that may result from the use of any part, sequence or module of the Site’s Content or from the imposibility of using these, regardless of what caused it or from the missinterpretation of any of the site’s menses.

The Users understand and accept that providing the Service may be affected by objective reasons and that any of the serveces offered troughout the site, are being offerd according to the principle „as it is” or „as it is available” and the Users use these services at their own risk. Therefore, the Site’s Administrator can not be made responsable regarding any information or data from the Site’s Content, including, but not exclusivley, the data in the text, pictures, videos, avatars, blogs or any other activity connected to the usage of the site .

The Users understand and accept that the Site’s Administrator is absolved from any liability in case that any suspensison, breach, delay or bad functionality occur during the usage of the site, in case of a tehnical error of any kind or in case of another type of error or situation in wihch it si not the fault of the Site’s Administrator directly and exclusively.

Expressly, the Users understand and accept that the Site’s Administrator is absolved from any liability for any kind of direct or indirect damages, including, but without limiting itself to profit loss, or other losses resultant from the usage of the Site’s Content or Services by any legal effects.

The Users understand and accept that the Site’s Administrator is absolved from any liability for the teasers and posted on the Site or for the products offered by the authors of these teasers.

In exceptional cases the Stite’s Administrator and/or the operators, managers, employees, branch offices and it’s reprezentatives are completely exonaretad of charge. Exceptional cases include, witout limiting itself to it, bad functioning of tehnical equipment, the bad functionality of the internet connection, the lack of proper phone connections, informatic viruses, informatic attacks any kind and the interference with malware programmes, unauthorized acces in the Site’s system, operation errors, strikes etc.

The Users agree to protect, to ensure and to fully indemnify the Site’s Administrator and/or the operators, managers, employees, branch offices and it’s reprezentatives for and against any demands, requests, impositions, losses, damages, costs ( including, but not limiting itself to lawiers experts, consultants and executors fees, judicial, notarial fees), expenses, bars, decisions, fines, regulations or other commitments emerged or connected to any other action of the User in relation with the usage of the Service or in any other aspect related to the Service.

7. Applicable law. Litigations.

The rights and obligations of the Users and of the Site’s Administrator, stipulated by Terms and Conditions, as well as every judicial effects that the Terms and Conditions produce will be interepreted according to the romanian law. Any litigation induced by and connected to the Terms and Conditions shall be solved amiably. If the litigation can not be solved amiably, the litgation will be solved by the competen romanian court of law in Bucharest.

8. The Amendment of Terms and Conditions.

The Site’s Administrator has the right to change at any time and in any way any of the stipulations in the Terms and Conditions or the entire Terms and Conditions, without any previous notification and without being coerced to accomplish any other formality unto the users. Any amendament shall be viewed and accepted fully and unconditionally by every user by using or accesing any facility offered by the Site or Service or by accessing the website after the amendament. The refuse to accept the amendament entails the obligation of the User to immediately cease accessing and using the Site.