Nobles and soul

Nobles and soul Mareste imaginea.

They say:
You can buy anything on this earth,
Not nobles, it`s from birth.

This means the simple, proper style,
The elegant way to show your denial.

They say:
High class, great ethics are valued,
Best principles, good moral don`t delude.

At the old edge moral and gentle living,
At the early stages kindness respecting.

We say:
The people are equal from birth,
Nobody can take it from the entire earth.

If you are a deprived, poor and simple creature,
It doesn`t mean that you can`t have the same future.

We say:
Whatever edge we have, the same grave and mud,
The same happiness and pain we have around.

The same place, by all the people can hardly be achieved
In haven, the underprivileged ones are better received.

As soul, good words and facts are the only substances,
God, his love and our faith represent our confidences.
But a noble soul… anyone could have and share with us,
As main character`s feature is love and it will never pass.

Florentina Laic

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Florentina Laic Florentina Laic

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26 Noiembrie 2010

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