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Romania joined these days Poland, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia in the European Network "Remembrance and Solidarity". No, it is a simple signature on a paper commissioned. We employ the term gesture. First of all, the document indicates a truth universally accepted as apparent as it is frequently ignored: differences across political, social, cultural or otherwise, Eastern Europe is suffering caused by communism, but not less than fascism a common denominator. That is why, in possession of such a bond, it is inexplicable how little changes between them esteuropenii opinions, experiences and visions. In general, only the former communist countries are turning to the West, ignoring neighbors destiny. We know better what others do, different than what those concerned like us.

Then, this German fixed network founding members welcome relativize strict collocation eastern communism. However, this is a project in Western thought and Eastern applied. Hence the responsibility of the first over the second. Moreover, the rift between DDR and GFR was not only the division of a country, but equally shown the strength to break the ideology of geography parties who agree. Recent events in Ukraine harshness prove the validity of this, why resort to the pool of suffering in totalitarianism. Katyn site or during Holodomor (Ukrainian forced famine years 1932-1933), the Berlin Wall Sighet or the streets of Budapest in 1956 or during the martial law in Poland in Aiud or Pitesti, in prison or in the middle continuously monitored societies - Europe has gone through the most cruel experiment ever imagined.

He changed the face of the continent and in the long term, way of thinking, sensitivities. A caution, the effects of inertia, including the rediscovery of freedom, sometimes managing to relativize them perverse virtues. Do not forget all this does not mean to live secure in the past, but to learn the lessons needed for a different future. Solidarity Europeans not only based on cash flow and improve well-being, it is necessary to call to memory itself. Only memory can teach us to appreciate what we have, to aspiring to something better and not be indifferent to others. Culture is central in the public memory of the companies marked since systematic abuse trauma. All it guarantees that crime is not the opposite of amnesia. Because, ultimately, memory inalienable right.


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