Love me, my Lord

Love me, my Lord Mareste imaginea.

Love me, my Lord,
As I am a naughty girl,
Forgive my black pearl.

Understand, my Lord,
A dark sinner was my heart,
Forgive its black part.

Forget all, my Lord,
All I have done for years,
There are not enough tears.

Don`t let me, my Lord,
In the shadow of death half
Through blackness behalf,
I know I didn`t beg enough.

I know, my Lord,
I can`t pay all my debts,
Through all my regrets,
My forefathers upsets,
There are not forgets.

Forgive me, my Lord,
As now I pay and pray
For a bright new day,
Help me without delay,
Please, God, don`t let me away,
Give me from your wisdom light way.

Because I know, my Lord,
Your infinite gentleness,
In spite of our blindness,
Your unconditional kindness,
Opposite our conditional primness,
Our ungrateful abjectness
In front of everlasting lovingness.

Florentina Laic

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Florentina Laic Florentina Laic

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Publica din 21 Noiembrie 2009

26 Noiembrie 2010

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